How to Improve your Mental Health

Written by Seth Dizon (Blog Post Writer)

Edited By Jeremiah Leonor (Head Editor)

It is no secret that schoolwork, extracurriculars, and the ongoing pandemic can all be factors for stress. A combination of these things can be detrimental to one’s mental health; however, there are ways to combat this. Here are a few tips to help maintain and improve one’s mental health.

Be honest with yourself. (Don’t suppress!)

It may seem like a wise choice to suppress how you are truly feeling, but in reality, this only results in even more negativity and stress. Check up on yourself. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. It is unproductive to take on your battles alone, which often leads to more harm than good.

Talk to friends.

It can be helpful to express how you are feeling to someone you trust. Conveying your emotions to someone can free up some of the baggage you are carrying, as well as give you a different perspective of the situation you are in. If you wish to maintain privacy in certain situations, that is totally ok, but feel free to confide in others. You are never alone.


Some people have trouble opening up to friends, and that is okay! Another alternative is writing. It can be emotionally and mentally calming to journal your day or pen a letter about your thoughts. Journaling in particular can be helpful. Recording aspects of your life gives you the ability to go back and reflect on those records in the future. The goal is to regulate instead of suppressing.

Take a break.

Yes, you deserve time to rest. When life becomes too overbearing, destress in the best way you know how. Productivity does not have to mean working on that English homework or studying for that math final. Productivity can also mean recognizing that your body is tired, and permitting yourself to unwind.

Give your troubles to God.

So, you have listened to your body and your mind, and have now realized that you are not doing the best mentally. What’s next? Psalms 55:22 states: “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” Oftentimes, we tend to forget that God is here for us amidst all the circumstances in our lives. He loves us, despite our imperfections and faults, and wants to be there for us, even when we may not be feeling our best.

I hope these tips can aid you in finding the balance between work life and daily life. Yes, you can take control of your mental health, and no, you are not alone. Remember that God is always there for you, supporting you. When tackling the problems with mental health remember this: regulate, do not suppress.

Seth Dizon